Have you ever had a desire to help others? Eureka is always looking for good volunteers to become members. Experience is NOT required as we provide great training. We are looking for the following:
  • Firefighters
  • Emergency Medical Technicians and Ambulance Drivers
  • Fire Police
  • Support services
  • Junior members (Cadets)
A fire company is like any other small business. You don't have to provide emergency services to help out. We can always use people with good mechanical backgrounds (both small engine and diesel engine), business skills, computer skills, fund raising support, landscaping, cleaning, etc. 

If you have an interest in emergency services, we will provide all of your training at no cost to you. We might be a volunteer organization but we take safety and training seriously. Volunteer emergency services providers help reduce your tax bill - recent studies have shown that a paid fire service in this area could result in tax increases of up to $500 per tax payer per year to provide the same level of service we provide today. 

Print an application or call or stop by the station for an application. We would love to have you join our family today!

Phone: 717-993-6180

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