To provide quality, prompt health care until an ambulance arrives

Assist ambulance crews with additional manpower

Provide great customer service to our neighbors in their time of need

QRS-54 is a Quick Response Service licensed by the PA Department of Health. This unit is housed on Brush 54-1. The purpose of the QRS is to support/augment EMS responses.

In the event that our staffed ambulance is out on another call the QRS unit is dispatched (Class 1 calls only) to assist until a neighboring ambulance arrives. The QRS is also dispatched on all cardiac arrest calls. It can also be requested by any EMS crew member or company member to assist as needed.

This unit carries a lot of the same equipment as an ambulance does.

It is staffed by certified medical personnel as well. The unit and personnel are capable of handling all types of calls until an ambulance unit arrives.

These include cardiac arrests, chest pain, trouble breathing, child birth, allergic reactions, broken bones, cuts/lacerations, seizures, altered level of consciousness, overdoses, falls, environmental emergencies, animal/snake bites and many others.

Providers on the QRS have to hold a medical certification such as: CPR/AED, Emergency Responder, First Responder, Emergency Medical Technician, Paramedic or Pre-Hospital RN.

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