Coverage area: Stewartstown Borough, Cross Roads Borough, Hopewell Township, East Hopewell Township. Over 10,500 citizens and over 52 square miles. Our area is mostly residential with commercial mixed in.

Staffing: Professionally staffed by 100% volunteer firefighters. There are currently over 35 active members in our Fire Division, many of which are nationally certified as Firefighter I or higher. Most of our members are also certified as PA Department of Health Vehicle Rescue Technicians, EMT's, or Emergency Responders.

We operate out of two stations. House #1 is located at 82 North Main St in Stewartstown Borough and House #2 is located at the East Hopewell Township building on Hickory Road. Our apparatus consists of three engines, two tankers, one aerial truck, two brush trucks, one utility truck and one service van (fire police). We responded to roughly 423 calls in 2011 and we average 12 members per call. Our members put in over 5,000 hours alone in attending calls and training sessions in 2011. Many more hours are spent on fund raisers, public education sessions, committee meetings and so on. This is like having a 2nd full time job for many of our members!

Our Fire Division also staffs a PA licensed Quick Response Service (QRS). QRS-54 supports our EMS Division by providing care for patients when our ambulances are out on other calls or when additional resources are needed. This unit is equipped similar to an ambulance, but does not transport. It provides basic life support until another ambulance can arrive.

We provide mutual aid to our neighboring communities when called upon. We also welcome their assistance when we need additional resources. We run mutual aid calls into northern Harford and Baltimore Counties in Maryland and all of south central York County.

Eureka has proudly served the area since 1906 and we will continue to protect and serve for many years to come. Eureka's bravest are ready and willing to answer any call that comes in. We train hard so that every firefighter goes home safe.

Pennsylvania Participating Department Program

The purpose of this program is to recognize those organizations that support, promote, and encourage their emergency response personnel to voluntarily certify within the Commonwealth's Certification Program administered by the Office of the State Fire Commissioner.

Eureka has been recognized at the 10% participating level which means over 10% of our firefighters have achieved national certification in firefighting, hazardous materials or rescue.

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Coverage Area: Stewartstown Borough, Cross Roads Borough, Hopewell Township, East Hopewell Township and parts of North Hopewell Township south of Winterstown. Over 12,500 citizens and 72 square miles. Mostly rural, some commercial and light industrial.

Staffing: Volunteers, full time, part time and contracted EMT's from Memorial Hospital. All providers must pass the rigorous state certification process in addition to continuing education requirements to maintain certification.

Some of our EMT's are also instructors for the state EMT program, Red Cross and American Heart Association. They give a lot of their time teaching the community and other providers the Emergency Responder program, CPR, AED, bloodborne pathogens protection, driver training, and other topics of importance.

This division is led by a paid EMS Manager who reports to the volunteer EMS Committee. This committee works closely with the local municipalities to ensure adequate EMS coverage. We staff one full ambulance crew around the clock with either paid or volunteer or a combination of both. A qualified crew includes at least one EMT and one Emergency Responder/Driver (as certified by the American Red Cross or PA Department of Health). Our second ambulance is staffed by volunteers as needed.

If you are interested in becoming an EMT or Emergency Responder, contact our EMS Manager or ask to speak to an EMS Training Officer. We will reimburse your for your ER or EMT training if you make a small committment to volunteer for our service. All you need to provide is your drive and dedication to help your family, friends and neighbors in the worst hours of need.

Both of our ambulances are fairly new (2006 and 2010) and both are equipped with the latest technology such as Stryker PowerPro Lift Litters (electric lift up to 700lbs), Medtronic LifePak 1000 AEDs, and Stryker Stair Chairs.

Our providers pride themselves on being the most professional and compassionate EMS crews around. Join our team today and help make a difference in someone's life.

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TThe Fire Police Division at Eureka provides on-scene support at fire and EMS events keeping the public as well as our providers safe. In addition they provide support throughout the community with traffic control.

Fire Police at Eureka have all completed state certified training that teaches them how to provide effective traffic control, maintain scene safety and integrity, and handle crowds safely.

Most fire police carry their gear and equipment in their own vehicles and respond directly to the scene when needed. Fire police are provided with turn out gear, radios and other required equipment.

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The auxiliary is the primary support unit of Eureka, providing both monetary and physical support to the Company. The auxiliary can be found at our big emergency scenes providing much needed food and drink to the firefighters while helping our EMS division carry out their firefighter rehab mission.

The auxiliary supports the department financially by donating funds to the department from time to time to assist with major purchases. Some great examples of their generosity include both our brush units (trucks) as well as the recent remodeling of our social hall.

To raise funds, the auxiliary cooks and serves meals for events held in our social hall as well as at our weekly bingo games.

Auxiliary 2015 Officers

Deb Bupp-President
Ester Wilwert-Vice President
Lois Mayer-Treasurer
Carolyn Hulshart-Secretary
Wilman Markle-Chaplain

Fire | EMS | Fire Police | Auxiliary | Juniors

Our Junior program is targeted to youth ages 14 and 15. Many of our probationary members (ages 16 and 17) participate with the Juniors to continue their training. Juniors meet weekly to learn about Fire, EMS and Fire Police Services. They train in CPR/First Aid, fire ground support, and EMS operations.

Juniors also run our Fire Safety House at various public functions and teach young children about fire safety and how to escape a fire safely.

For more information please email the Junior/Probationary Advisors at or call the station at 717-993-6180 and ask for a junior advisor.

Here are some pictures of our Juniors in action...

Juniors learn the fine art of burning a brush pile safely from Lt. Robbie Streett.

Probationary Firefighters Ohliger and Storke get ready to play downed firefighters during RIT (Rapid Intervention Training). Rock on guys!

Juniors heading in to find the downed firefighters.

"Is this thing on right? Who turned out the lights? I knew we should have paid more attention in class."

Fire | EMS | Fire Police | Auxiliary | Juniors

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